Sweet Cakes Bakery

Chicago, Illinois


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Today I had a blueberry pie from Sweet Cakes - totally vegan. It was great!

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This place is secretly vegan, you have to ask the person at the counter which things are vegan because they don't label them. The people there are always very friendly too.
The vegan scones and mocha mini cupcakes are amazing!!
Sometimes I've gotten things that are just okay, others are great. They also vegetarian and vegan picnic boxes in the summer.

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we stopped in after hearing good things about the bakery. the father/daughter owners were really nice and very helpful. there were a number of vegan options including scones, mini-cupcakes, and cookies. the cookies were pretty good, but the mini-cupcakes are AWESOME!!! highly recommended!!!

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This is a wonderful, quaint coffee shop/bakery with numerous vegan items to choose from. From the sidewalk you walk through their lovely, large, outdoor patio which is practically forested---it's amazingly lush and cool and makes you forget you're in a city. The inside of the shop is roomy and modern.

They have three or four vegan cupcakes, three cookies, and also a scone option (the vegan options aren't labeled, so ask questions). I had two mini cupcakes with interesting flavors: chai latte and mint chocolate ($1.50 a piece). I also got a chocolate chip cookie (~$1.50).

All of them were good, though the textures could have been a bit softer. Generally, the outer edge of the cupcakes and the cookie were just a tad crisp, but the insides were soft and moist.

Sweet Cakes also has a decent selection of loose leaf teas. The prices on the baked goods are excellent, though you might end up overindulging given the low costs. Come to Sweet Cakes for a cup of tea, a cupcake or two, and a pleasant afternoon on a beautiful garden patio.

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