Adelina Vegetarian

Manhattan, New York City


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Decent vegan and raw options. Everything we ordered was good, but most of it did not make it to the awesome level. They were out of several things that we really wanted to order. The juices were amazing and the desserts were good. The rest was just okay.

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I have had lunch at Adelina several times. The power salad (Kale, etc.) is awesome. The green juices are outstanding. The restaurant offers raw as well as vegetarian choices. Service is very friendly.

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Adelina's was closed for a number of months (they say they were remodeling) but they just opened up again a few weeks ago. I stopped in for dessert and was disappointed that half of the cakes (mostly cheesecake) were NOT vegan. They had a raw mousse/torte thing, and some raw chocolate, but that's about it.

I had the "superfood chocolate bar" with goji berries and almonds in it. It was decent, but had that distinctive "healthy" taste too it. I'm all for healthy, but not when it comes to dessert. I would have preferred some rich, fatty hunk of chocolate, but perhaps that's just me.

The employees were nice but seemed a little frazzled and disorganized, despite the restaurant not appearing to be very busy. Perhaps they're still getting their things together since reopening. I was happy that the staff knew what was vegan and went to check ingredients on some things.

I was very disappointed, however, to see SO much egg and milk used in their dishes. I would have expected a veg restaurant focused on health and raw food to have more vegan options. It seemed like half their items had cheese in them and their brunch menu is mostly omelettes.

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