Roat Osha

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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I just found out today that nothing is vegetarian, or vegan for that matter. they use chicken stock in pretty much everything, including all of the currys. In addition every stir fry has fish sauce, and so do the sauces the vegetarian spring rolls come with. You can request that your stir fry is vegan, and they will hopefully omit the fish sauce, but only if your want to take that risk.

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I'm not going to Roat Osha until they get their menu figured out. I used to go there all the time when I was a vegetarian (now vegan), but I just found out tonight that my favorite dish -- the *Vegetarian* Pad Thai with tofu -- uses "fish sauce." I clarified with the server who told me "fish is vegetarian." Disgusting! I was told by one server that the Pad Thai could be made without eggs, when another server told me it was not possible to make vegan pad thai, and that most items on the menu included animal products in some form.

I love the atmosphere and I've spent a lot of time and money at Roat Osha, including the former Sawatdee that used to stand in its place. I'm extremely disappointed that Roat Osha's management not only failed to disclose fish, but completely violated myself and my friends by making the determination that fish is vegetarian.

I'm beyond floored and totally disgusted, and will not go back until their menu has labels for vegetarian and vegan options, and clearly they need to figure out what those words mean.

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