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The only other Maoz I've been to is in New York City, and while the two (and likely all other chain locations) were virtually identical, I did find a couple differences.

I had the regular falafel sandwich, which was $4, but since I only had a credit card, I had to add hummus to bring the total up to $5. I got my usual toppings, including roasted broccoli, dilly cucumbers, hot sauce, and tomato/onion mix. Yum.

In addition to the usual tahini sauce, this location had a mango curry sauce on the salad bar, which was absolutely delicious. It was pretty strong and I probably wouldn't want it on the entire dish, but just a little on half of my falafel was great.

I have to say that my favorite feature of this restaurant was the public sink they had for people to wash their hands. I hate eating without washing my hands first (especially messy finger foods like falafel), so I was really happy to see the sink. I was also glad they had a bathroom for customers, which New York Maoz also lacks. The space was huge (another difference from the NY locations), and so it was nice to not have to fight for a seat and be able to relax.

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MAOZ is a great Dutch chain who opened their first US franchise right here in Philadelphia.

At MAOZ you get a huge falafel sandwich (which you can dress up yourself with their salad/fixings bar), tasty fries, and water, soda, or fresh squeezed juice for about $6. There is also a smaller size falafel that still includes fries and a drink, and this costs maybe $1 less or so.

The quality of the food is quite good. The people working the counter only cook up so much falafel and fries at a time, so, it seems like you're usually getting some freshly made stuff.

The only real drawback to this place is that it's tiny, so, you're probably going to be left holding a pile of food and have nowhere to sit. The fountains on 2nd Street or bridge over I-95 offer some nearby seating.

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