Madur Lifandi

Reykjavik, Iceland


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There are many vegetarian options at the Madur Lifandi cafe. However, the vegan options at the cafe are hit or miss. There is always a salad bar with lots of interesting salad choices. As for the main entrees, sometimes there is a special of the day that happens to be vegan, but most of the vegetarian entrees seemed heavily dependent on dairy.

Outside of the cafe, Madur Lifandi is a wonderful health food store. There are many fake meat choices in the freezer section and there is a good selection of soy dairy products (including individual servings of soy ice cream!). The soy ice cream, called VegaIce, is the creamiest soy ice cream that I have ever tasted! It only comes in three flavors (chocolate, vanilla and strawberry) but it is well worth trying.

My rating of "good" reflects an average of "fair" for the cafe with "great" for the health food store.

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