The Tucson Tamale Company

Tucson, Arizona


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There are three vegan options at the Tamale Factory, one of which is really good (New Delhi). If you order sides, such as beans, chips, and guacamole, it is possible to create a meal. However, a meal will be very pricy (two tamales, side, and drink easily $10-$15) for the atmosphere (Subway-esque Mexican style). It's worth the visit if using a coupon (Amazon local).

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Lots of yummy and creative vegan tamales, let alone vegetarian. Both are clearly labeled on the menu. Delicious & affordable vegan "fast food" that also freezes & reheats well, so it's great for stocking your freezer.

They also sell their tamales all over town. In addition to their store, you can find them in a lot of grocery stores, farmers' markets, etc.

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There are a couple of vegan options and are labelled as such. The Berkeley, Austin and New Delhi are great. They sell a few other flavors frozen only. The New Delhi is quite tasty and ingenious blend of flavors, coconut milk, sweet potato.

The restaurant is decidedly un-fancy, order at counter, food in baskets. You can also get the tamales hot or frozen at the farmer's market, such as Sundays at the St. Philips Plaza. You can also find them frozen at Sunflower and Whole Foods.

The tamales are pretty good, but overpriced for what you get. $6-7 for 2 tamales. Eh.

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I like that they offer vegan options and label them as such. The tamale I tried was the spinach/mushroom. Wasn't terribly fond of the texture of the mushrooms, but that might just be a personal preference. Salsa was very good, as was the masa layer in my tamale. I will try the black bean/corn and report back!

Oh and the employees were friendly when I came in, always a plus.

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Two vegan tamales (the Berkeley and the Austin). The Berkeley, with fresh corn and black beans, is my favorite. The masa is tasty and lard-free, the sides are very good, and the staff is knowledgeable about vegan and vegetarian options.

They only recently opened, so I'm hoping to see some improvements down the line. Specifically, they need silverware and glassware! When I visited they only had styrofoam cups and plastic forks -- and no knives, plastic or otherwise, which made the eating of the tamales a bit tricky. It was difficult to cut and spear bites of the tamales with just a flimsy plastic fork. Maybe order takeout, or bring your own silverware with you.

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