Victor's 1959 Cafe

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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No good for vegans, at least during breakfast. The only things they told me they knew were vegan were really bland and expensive - a couple of side dishes.

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Visited this place with my wife and mother last night and thought it was a fun place with great food. Two of us are vegan and all three of the vegetarian options on the dinner menu are vegan. We got the Plato Vegetariano and the Vegetables Criollo to share and mix it up. I must admit that the beans and rice were great as these kinds of dishes can easily be mush or "crunchy". I also cannot wait to have the tostones (fried green plantains) again. All in all, a hardy and satisfying meal which hit the spot.

While not listed on the breakfast menu, the Plato Vegetariano is available all day and we found out these side dishes are vegan as well: yuca frita withmojo, platanos maduros, tostones, white rice, black beans, creole sauce and fresh sliced mango.

It's small place so it appears to be a good idea to call ahead for a reservation if you going to hit it at a peak time. Also, the atmosphere is laid back and the service is not extremely fast (although the food came very fast) -- expect to have a nice relaxing meal.

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Try the vegetarian lunch platter listed above, it's great! Very simple, yet still tasty and well balanced.

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