Veggie Castle 2

Queens, New York City

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vegan Caribbean juice bar & food takeaway

Restaurant, Coffee/Tea/Juice

This is pretty much the exact same as the original Veggie Castle in Brooklyn (that has since closed), minus the ample seating and attached health food store. This Veggie Castle has a tiny eating counter with room for 1 or 2 people and mainly functions as a take-away. Everything is vegan.

You can order fresh made juices, pre-made empanada style entrees, veggie burgers, and sandwiches, but they are best known for their hot buffet. You can choose 2 sides and 1 protein ($6.50), 2 sides with 2 proteins ($8.50), or 3 sides with 3 proteins ($11.50). Sides include mac & cheese, greens, rice and beans, curried chickpeas, squash, okra, lo mein, and broccoli, among other items. Proteins include soy loaf with gravy, fish sticks, peppered pork, curried soy chicken, chicken drumsticks, and more.

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This food is awesome! I was especially fond of the Chicken like Drumsticks!!! I couldn't get enough of them. There jerk burger was also amazing. The Palouri was really good but warning that it is very spicy. The only thing I didn't love was the veggie patty. It didn't have the same texture as other Jamaican patties, in which I have had many vegetarian Jamaican patties in the past. Nevertheless, this restaurant should have a branch in every state!

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Veggie Castle 2 is extremely close to JFK Airport, which makes it convenient in case you're looking for a quick vegan meal before or after getting on a plane.

Be warned it's basically just for take-out and most of the customers seemed to come there for juices and smoothies. If you want to eat-in there are two small cramped stools in the back, but they're not ideal for much of anything.

I had a roti wrap ($6) which is basically a whole wheat wrap filled with your choice of two fillings. You pick from what's available in the hotbar. This part is kind of confusing, because it's not clear to me what items would go well together and many of the hotbar items have wildly differing flavors. For that matter, some of the hotbar items didn't look that appealing, either.

I opted for curried chickpeas and curried soy chicken so as to avoid crazy flavor mismatches. These worked well and created a hefty meal. The roti broke apart too easily, but the dish was easy enough to just eat with a fork at that point.

For dessert I had a slice of blueberry cheesecake ($5) which was above-average, though I wish the crust had been a bit more defined (it was soggy in this case). That said, the cheesecake portions and the blueberries were nicely balanced in terms of sweetness and smoothness.

All in all, Veggie Castle 2 is pretty good. If it had seating and more defined menu choices I'd give it another star.

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Richmond Hill


A train to Lefferts Blvd (last stop on the line)


No Reservations


$$ - average

Cash Only


  • Caribbean


  • Buffet


a crappy camera phone picture of the exterior

a crappy camera phone picture of the exterior

vegan mac & cheese, lo mein, peppered "pork", and curried "chicken"


10am - 10pm

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