Merlins Rest Pub

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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A friend of mine was having a gathering here, so I called ahead to ask if the curried vegetable pasty is vegan. It is not vegan because there is butter in the crust. But the person I talked to was friendly and I heard her ask the cook personally while on the phone with me. When I arrived I ordered the cucumber and tomato salad and it was good (it also contains chickpeas, so how could it not be?), but not quite the greasy pub food I had hoped for. The chips (fries) are vegan and very tasty so I ate some that my friend had ordered.

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We were considering going here one night for dinner. I tried to download their PDF menu, but it wasn't working for me. So I called to ask about the vegetarian dinner options.

The person who answered the phone immediately placed me on hold for about 5-10 minutes. When she finally picked it up again, she impatiently told me about the 1 or 2 options on their whole menu, also mentioning several times about how busy they were and that she didn't have time to answer my questions. Finally, she very impatiently asked didn't I have internet access?

I left the conversation incredibly frustrated. It seems that this restaurant has very little interest in accommodating potential customers.

Very Vegetarian Un-friendly

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