Samovar Tea Room

San Francisco, California


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While Samovar has nice decor and can be called either a coffee/tea shop or a casual cafe (you'll find people working on their laptops, as well as others who look like they're on dates), I was unimpressed on a whole.

My biggest problem is with the prices. Their cheaper single pots of tea cost $8. Seriously? $8 for a pot of tea? I've never been charged that much for gourmet tea, and I'm a long-time tea drinker and amateur expert. While the selection they have is good, it's just an unjustifiably high price to pay.

I like that they offer some vegan food items, though the prices on food are also quite high ($12 for a sandwich, $20+ for more complicated dishes).

Given that this isn't an exclusively upscale joint, their prices are simply misaligned. If they rebranded as a posh teashop rather than trying to pretend to be a laptop-user hangout, maybe I could give them another star.

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