The Pita Pit

Missoula, Montana


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This is part of a small chain of Pita Pit restaurants in the Northwest. I've been to a ton of their locations and quality is great at all of them. It's operated kind of like a Chipotle or a Subway where you put your order in at the register then scootch down the counter to the toppings area where you tell them what you want on it.

The falafel pita is outstanding. You can get it with hummus and some, not all, locations have babaganoush. They also have a veggie burger pita. That's what first impressed me about this place. The advertisement for the veggie pita says "Cheat on Meat and never look back". Cool.

I was on a cross country road trip driving through the cattle country of North Dakota and Montana. The Pita Pit was like an oasis in the desert of veggie dining. There is a Pita Pit in almost every big city along I-94 (turns into I-90), starting at Fargo and going thru Idaho into Washington State.

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