Govinda's Café

Philadelphia Metro, Pennsylvania


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Govinda's chicken cheesesteak is one of my favorites in the city. Also, they always have sticky buns from Vegan Treats, which are awesome.

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This is a strange place that's part long and narrow white-tiled retro diner (where you place your orders) and part low-lit, spartan dining room (off to the side). It's kind of confusing. Is there waiter service at some point? I don't know.

There's a line cook and a guy manning the cash register. It took me a while to place my order with the guy at the register, because he seemed distracted by something and didn't want to take my order right away.

I got the seitan hoagie (~$9), but they didn't offer Daiya vegan cheese, so I skipped the cheese all together (they use some old school soy cheese which didn't engender any faith in me). The hoagie was decent, but nothing to rave about; the best part, in my opinion, was the wholewheat roll it came on. Other than that, it was just strips of seitan, bell peppers, onions and mushrooms in a piece of bread.

I also had a slice of chocolate cake ($5) which was atrocious. It looked good in the cooler case, but in actuality it was heavy, stale and had a weird aftertaste. What a waste of money; I took two bites and threw the rest out. This didn't seem like the type of place where complaining about the food would get you a refund.

Be warned that long lines quickly form at the counter. A group of five came in right after me and it took easily 20 minutes for all of them to get their orders in; to make matters worse, there's no room to linger, so everyone gets cramped by the counter and a line starts to form. This is not a sign that Govinda's is any good and worth waiting for. It's just a sign that they don't have enough space.

In summary, Govinda's did not impress me. If you're looking for a vegan cheesesteak, I recommend going to Blackbird Pizza which does a decent one with Daiya. For desserts, I'd go to Grindcore House or to Sweet Freedom Bakery.

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Wonderful, and highly recommended!

I have never been let down once... this is my favorite place in Philly to grab great vegan food.

The desserts are to die for, and the service is fast, usually no longer than ten minutes or so. The menu is a bit small, but varied still, and everything tastes so delicious.

Next door to the take out cafe they have an actual sit in restaurant with waitstaff. Definitely a price jump, but the intimate setting is very nice, and some of those gourmet dishes are so good it's sexual.

Give them a try!

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decent prices, pretty damn good sandwiches, great deserts (ice cream and vegan treats).

the chicken cheese steak (i usally sub the green peppers with broccoli), pepper steak, sabji wraps, and chicken salad sandwiches are all very good. in fact, i like them so much that i haven't explored the rest of the menu.

good place to meet up with some friends before/after plans.

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There were a good number of vegan options but I felt I could make any of their sandwiches or salads at home so I didn't think it was worth the trip. Their sticky bun, however, was really good, and definitely worth it.

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best place in philly to get vegan treats (from bethlehem). the regular menu is not that great.

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