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San Bernardino, California


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Atmosphere: 3.0
Clean, well-lit, just your typical cafe-style eatery.

Service: 4.5
Both times I've been here, the food has come out super quickly. The staff is really nice and helpful.

Food: 4.5
It's delicious, and pretty nicely priced, particularly for California (especially the lunch special, which is $6.99 for miso soup, a spring roll, side salad, and an entree with rice). The vegetable dishes are all really fresh and healthy, and the food automatically comes with brown rice (white rice being extra).

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Delicious vegan food!! We brought my non-vegan mom (who is picky & has high standards) she loved the food!! My step-kids are also somewhat picky and they loved the food as well. The bright star orange chicken is my boyfriend & my favorite dish. We can't wait to go back!!

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Very clean healthy food prepared with so much care. So tasty! We can not wait to come back.

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