Revolutionary Grounds Books and Coffee

Tucson, Arizona


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Super yummy vegan cookies and cakes. Really friendly staff.

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Love this place. Great veg and vegan food. Deserts are the best. Love the hummus. Green Peach Tea is a new fav. Free wifi. Nice patio. Great conversation with friendly staff and other customers. Dog friendly on the patio.

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I am biased, as it is my shop, but I just want to update the entry to say that we now have a multitude of vegan baked goods and we accept credit cards. We also feature several vegan cook-books. I eat here pretty much every day, as do many of my friends. My son, who is vegan, brings his friends in to try the vegan peanut butter chocolate pie. We have a hard time keeping it in supply.

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This cafe only opened a week ago, so they're still finding their footing. For now they're cash-only and their baked goods aren't vegan, but they're working on rectifying both situations.

A large portion of the menu is vegetarian, and much of it is vegan or veganizable. Their mock-turkey sandwich is fantastic and the service is incredibly friendly.

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