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And so the heavens opened, the birds sang, and I found marked vegan food in an airport other than MSP (Minneapolis). Admittedly the food was from a Minneapolis-based restaurant but it was still good, and once again proves that Minneapolis will save the world. French Meadow is the type of classy, principled establishment that can lure philistine suburban-types in droves, while also maintaining a steady grip on its edgier vegan clientele, without ever compromising its lofty ideals.

This tiny quick-serve station had only one vegan option at the time but man was it delicious. It was a "cosmic vanilla creme" cupcake which I've never seen before at either the MSP branch or the Lyndale Avenue restaurant, suggesting that while French Meadow might be expanding nationally, it is NOT homogenizing and replicating itself mindlessly from location to location.

Bravo, French Meadow, for your passionate embrace of organic, natural and vegan-friendly foods for everyone.

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