Busboys and Poets

District of Columbia, USA


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I went to Busyboys and Poets with a large group today for lunch. We were seated rather quickly as this location (haven't visited the others yet) has a spacious layout with dozens of tables. The atmosphere was hip, casual, and busy. I had two noisy kids with me, and no one in the crowded dining room seemed to notice. There is a small alternative bookstore and a stage where I'm told there are poetry readings and other performances.

There are several interesting vegan items on the menu, all of which are clearly labeled as such. I tried the tempeh sandwich and the vegan tuna sandwich. Both were excellent. The tempeh sandwich was grilled panini-style and reminded me of a BLT. The tuna was delicious, but calling it mock tuna is a little misleading. It tasted more like an egg salad sandwich to me.

It's a great spot, and I'm looking forward to trying some other menu items!

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