Bratislava, Slovakia


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While visiting Bratislava, eating at Divesta is a must for the Soviet-bloc-era aesthetic alone.

But, also, you get a big helping of hearty food for quite cheap. I ate at Divesta four times, getting a goulash, a seitan with potatoes and paprika-gravy dish, vegan tofu tartar, and another seitan dish served over pasta. Like most Eastern European food, I would've liked more spices, but all were still quite good and the seitan and potatoes with paprika-gravy was particularly rich and tasty.

Every day the menu changes, although there are always several vegan dishes, and generally a number of them are fake meat, tofu, or tempeh versions of Eastern European standards.

Make sure you look at the Slovakian menu! You'll be able to figure a lot of it out even if you can't read Slovakian (words like tofu and tempeh are the same). It has vegan items marked with a V, unlike the English, and usually the English menu is missing some of the options - often the best options, in my opinion.

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