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Twin Cities, Minnesota


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Since people have been reviewing Java lately and I had a rating without a review,I thought perhaps I should explain my experience and why I gave it a poor review.

It is cheap and portions are good-sized. The service wasn't bad, but not amazing either. Most importantly though.. the food was so unimpressive. The fried veggies were bland and a little soggy. The iceberg lettuce didn't seem overly fresh.. and overall it was bland. I've had much better Middle Eastern food at pretty much any other Middle Eastern restaurant in the Twin Cities.

I decided to eat there on a whim, as I'd never tried it, yet live only blocks away. After the meal, I wished I'd picked somewhere else.

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I've been going to Java for many years and have ALWAYS been satisfied w/both the food and the service. Even the ambiance of the place represents true authenticity with it's hieroglyphics and belly dancing stage. I've even come to find that it was the first Middle Eastern restaurant in Minnesota and are still around even after 35 years. The prices are cheap and the portions are large. They have plenty of vegetarian/vegan choices. I recommend this place to everyone and especially those who have never tried Middle Eastern food. You'll be glad you did. And if you do a more Thorough search on online reviews, you'll come to find that the person on here who wrote before me is the ONLY negative and even non-five star review you'll read. That's gotta say something...

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This is a strange place on Eat Street and probably the only Middle Eastern restaurant on the street. It's been open since 1974, apparently, and once you walk inside, you'll definitely think it's 1974: the place is completely faux-wood paneled; the carpet is worn; and even the cash register is pea green and old school. This restaurant feels like someone's 1970s rec room.

That said, it's pretty clean and the service is fast, not in least part because it was empty (they do seem to get many phone orders, though).

I had a baba gannuj appetizer ($5.00) which was nicely presented, but didn't have much taste---the eggplant could have been smoked more and maybe could have used some kind of spice. My falafel and vegetable "sandwich" (served in a piece of pita) was huge and cost only $4.75, but it too fell flat in terms of taste. I'm not sure what this place is doing wrong, but everything tasted bland; the vegetables, which included cauliflower, potato and eggplant, were burnt, which negatively affected the flavor as well.

This place has eight vegetarian dishes and a couple of veg. appetizers, all of which seem to be vegan, but I was not impressed with the food. The prices are really cheap and the portion sizes are large. Java's been open for 35 years now, so it must doing something right, though I'm not sure what that is.

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