My Thai Cafe Vegan & Bubble Tea Bistro

Boston, Massachusetts


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Fantastic food. I have been there a few times, get a new item every time, and I am always pleased. It has an "interesting" location but everything is great.

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My Thai Vegan cafe is a delicious culinary find, although from the outside you would never know it. Located in a run down building, up 2 flights of rickety stairs this restaurant may seem a bit sketchy to a naive new comer, be trust me, although you may be a bit tentative continue up the stairs, I promise it will be worth it.

The spacious restaurant is absolutely charming and resembles the inside of a homey kitchen.

My Thai Vegan Cafe is mainly know for their extensive menu full of delicious entrees including mock meats which both resemble real meat in texture, presentation, and taste. The bistro also serves a variety of traditional Thai cuisines including pad thai with tofu, and vegetable based entrees. Generous portions, a relaxed atmosphere, and wide selection make this restaurant hard to beat. But the real winner here are the desserts, now note that there's not a wide selection of desserts and oddly enough none of the desserts are traditional thai desserts, but the moist, flavorful offering more than make up for their limitations. When I went to the Bistro there were three choices of cake, Carrot cake, Lemon Poppy Seed Cake, and Chocolate cake.

Now as a chocoholic I would normally never pass up a piece of chocolate cake, but for some reason the carrot cake caught my eye and I decided to try something different.

My generous slice of carrot cake was amazing, it was flavorful with a slight hint of cinnamon, moist, and was frosted with a delicious creamy vegan cream cheese frosting.

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Best vegan Thai around! I make special trips to Boston (from Cape Cod) just to have lunch here.

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It was awesome! I highly recommend this place for some Asian vegan fusion food. One of the things I miss since I had gone vegetarian/vegan was won ton soup. I'm too lazy to make it myself and I've never come across a vegan one yet. Low and behold, my dream came true and the added bonus? It was super tasty! I had a Thai Basil Salad to finish. Mmm!

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I like it! Great open space for large meetings (if you can drag that many vegans into a meeting at any one time)

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Amazing curries! This is by far the best Thai in Boston.

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My Thai Cafe Vegan & Bubble Tea Bistro recently relocated to this new address in Chinatown. The menu remains the same (in fact, some of the menus even have the old address still listed on the cover). The new restaurant is a big improvement, however. It's a short walk from the Boston Commons and the Newbury Street shopping district. As a result, tourists will find it much easier to eat here (patrons essentially needed to rent a car in order to get to the old Brookline location). The entrance is a bit unsettling - a dirty, smelly stairwell leads to the restaurant's second floor location - but once inside, the new My Thai looks very professional.

The food consists of mock meat versions of traditional Thai dishes, including some unusual items like scallops, shrimp and squid. My favorite entree is the pineapple chicken, which consists of a half veggie chicken smothered in vegetables, pineapples and coconut curry sauce. I'm also a huge fan of the Thai iced tea bubble tea (made with coconut milk) and the vegan cakes (which come from Cafe Indigo).

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