Brooklyn, New York City

Closed as of May 1 11

134 Kingsland Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11222


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Bikes, food, coffee.

Restaurant, Coffee/Tea/Juice, Other

Vegetarian cafe/bike store featuring vegan baked goods, sandwiches, salads, and more.

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First off, I'm a cyclist so I LOVE the bike theme at Boneshakers, but more than that, I love that their menu is so interesting, especially the little touches they add to sandwiches like chipotle mayo and olive tapenade. Definitely more interesting than just slathering on plain Veganaise (although I do love me some Veganaise).

I am a big fan of both sauerkraut and cole slaw so I was pretty excited to find both items on the "Polish National Team" vegan sausage. I really enjoyed both the kraut and the slaw, but I wasn't a huge fan of the sausage texture. It tasted like Field Roast, which I think most people really love, but I have never liked the texture of their sausages. That said, I dined with a meat eater who tried my dish and he really liked it. I aslo tried the Merckx Werks, which has Tofurky, sham, olive tapenade, among other items, and I really enjoyed it and liked it more than the Polish National Team, mostly because of texture. I've also had the tempeh club (so-so) and the Rueben (very good). However, it seems like they're inconsistent in their offerings, as a few friends and I have noticed that sometimes sandwiches seem "better" than other times and sometimes are grilled and hot and sometimes aren't. Weird.

We also tried the vegan hot chocolate, which came with marshmallows, and it was really good. At first, they told us they didn't have time to make it because they were so busy (apparently they make the syrup from scratch and it takes 15 minutes), but then they said they could. It seems like it only took them 5 minutes to make it and it was really good, but it didn't taste any different than any other hot chocolate I've ever had so I'm exactly sure what their homemade process involves.

Finally, I really liked that they had a screen showing the name of each song and its artist that was playing because I'm often in restaurants/clubs/bars/etc. and a song comes on that I love but I have no idea who the artist is. Way to go, Boneshakers! :)

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Awesome food. Great coffee. Chill environment. +wifi +bikes.

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Corner of Beadel St. and Kingsland Ave.



$ - inexpensive

Cash Only


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  • Wi-Fi


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7am - 10pm

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