Katar River Restaurant & Bakery

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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Tiny little place, but dang, the amount of food they give you for that (still) $8, is enormous, and they've expanded their veg offerings. I had 2 pieces of injera, collards, red lentils with berberi (sp?), yellow lentils with peppers, and a carrot/cabbage mix. I ate til I was full and still have PLENTY of food left. I'll tell you what else is on the list the next time I forget lunch!

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Katar River is an easy-to-miss small Ethiopian cafe/bakery that serves excellent, fresh food. Located in the warehouse/office park area around Lake Street and Minnehaha Avenue, Katar is in an unusual location, but it's also easy to get to, being right off the Midtown Greenway, and only a short walk from the Lake Street light rail station.

I had the vegetarian combo plate ($8) which consists of two pieces of injera, a berbere lentil dish, a tomato-jalepeno salad, and another lentil dish (though the menu claims it's a "chickpea" stew/curry) and collard greens. All of the items were great---fresh, flavorful and well-prepared and presented. For example, the tomato salad, which is covered in olive oil and lemon juice, was made into a colorful dish with the addition of orange bell peppers and green jalepenos. The portion size was large and definitely a great value at only $8.

The service is friendly and fast and Katar also has a lovely, covered patio that is a great place to sit, eat, and drink a cup of tea.

I only wish Katar had more variety in its vegetarian/vegan dishes: with only three options, it'll be easy to get bored of this place.

Still, as far as Ethiopian food is concerned, Katar is the only Minneapolis joint on par with St. Paul's superb Fasika.

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