That's Amore

Los Angeles, California


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All of their items can be made with either cow's cheese or vegan cheese. I really want to try their eggplant parmigiana sandwich, veggie lasagna, manicotti, fettucini alfredo, and cannoli, but every time I go I can't help but order their pizzas. That's Amore provided my first 24" pizza. It was so big we had trouble getting it inside my car. The Potato Rosemary pizza with Bechamel sauce, rosemary mash potato and artichokes was amazing, and the vegan cheese actually melted. Not melted like vegan cheese kind of melting, but melted like melted.
Pastas: $5.95 $9.95
Sandwiches: $6.95 - $7.95
Pizzas (depending on size and toppings): $7.95 - $31.95

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