Cherry Street Vegetarian Restaurant

Philadelphia Metro, Pennsylvania


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My favorite veggie chinese place ever. Unfortunately they've closed. Saddest day ever when we walked in the outter doors to find the place gone. :(

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Very good but unexciting vegetarian Chinese food. The decor could use a bit of sprucing up, but the prices are low, service is friendly. An all around good place. Of all the veggie Chinese places in Philly, my wife says this is by far the best. I don't disagree but think the others are good too. My name is Morty McNutt and that is all I have to say.

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A very quiet and unassuming place that's sort of tucked in on Cherry Street. It's in the same area as Kingdom of Vegatarians which is right around the corner, except this place seems to enjoy less popularity. It's not at all a crowded place to eat. The mock dishes are excellent although in my opinion they could be more generous with the rice servings. I recommend the faux fish. This was the most finger licking, tasty dish I've had in a while. The sauce is on the sweet side and the texture wasn't at all like real fish, just the essence of fish. Some vegatarians don't like to taste the flavor of something that reminds them of meat, but I'm fascinated by what can be done with tofu and wheat gluten. The service is okay, as it appears to be a two person operation. When you sit down you get a bowl of fried noodles in a bowl which looks like something from your grandmothers old tupperware set. Overall, I'm reluctant to rate it a 5 because of the General Tso's mock chicken. hmmm. mmm.!

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