Lost City Diner

Baltimore, Maryland


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The Lost City Diner is a 1930's sci-fi themed diner located across the street from The Charles Theater. Roughly one quarter of the menu is vegan or can be made vegan upon request. The fare focuses on traditional diner cuisine, including delectable items ranging from vegan pot pie to VLT sandwiches (made with vegan bacon). The desserts are mostly ice cream sundaes, but again the vegan options are plentiful. Some of the more unusual vegan toppings include homemade pecan praline, marshmallow sauce, and faux bacon (for those who want to embrace the bacon trend without the animal cruelty that comes along with it). Lost City Diner also has a nice selection of beverages, including shakes, smoothies, malts, vegan "egg creams" and, my personal favorite, homemade lemon ginger soda.

I like the concept behind the Lost City Diner, but I think the food could still use some fine-tuning (the restaurant opened a few months ago). As the highly-anticipated successor to Zodiac, I was expecting Lost City to have more in the way of vegan baked goods (oh how I miss Zodiac's molten lava cake!). The ice cream sundaes are fun in a retro sort of way, but the only vegan ice cream choice was vanilla soy ice cream. I would have been more excited if they had coconut milk ice cream instead.

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