Lotus Vegetarian

Chantilly, Virginia


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I am rating this restaurant based on taste, health, and overall quality.

I believe that considering this restaurant is under the 'american chinese' category type, the food is good. Dishes are flavorful, but tend to be on the heavy side. My favorite is the general tso dish. It comes out fresh and hot with brown rice and steamed broccoli that is still crisp and bare(the best kind, and great for sauce dipping). I feel quite satisfied after eating here.

In terms of health, I find many dishes fall short. It is hard to find any restaurant that uses one of the better oil choices (Lotus does not) and even harder to find a restaurant that is not 'heavy handed' in that oil's ussage (Lotus is). Of course, most do not expect 'healhty' when they want american chinese, they expect comfort, which some Lotus dishes may provide. The soups, as is true at non-veg type chinese restaurants, tends to be a little on the thick side. I'm not sure why a lot of chinese soups seem overly gelatinous, but perhaps this is just a style issue. Consistency aside, the soups taste as expected and do satisfy.

Overall, it's worth a couple trips to try out the many different food AND beverage options (I am impressed with the number of options), I do not find it to be an overall great or excellent restaurant, but it is definitely a solid 'good'!

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The food is absolutely wonderful. It's fantastically easy to select vegan food and the menus are very helpful. The staff is very friendly and the atmosphere is pleasant.

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My husband and I love this place. The restaurant has a nice decor, the people that work there are very sweet and attentive. They were helpful with the menu selections and answered questions about item and ingredients. I ♥ the General Tso's Surprise and the Mu Shi vegetables! We have also tried several other dishes there and visit every other week! The fruit smoothies are delicious too!!

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My mom's friend owns the restaurant and she is a very earth friendly, vegan, and values animal rights. The food there is delicious and the ingredients are very organic and wholesome, she can name everything that was out into each meal. Very good for your health and very delicious.

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This place is a solid entry for the Dulles Airport area of Virginia and offers good options in a place devoid of vegan food. It's almost impossible to get to if you don't have a car, as it's located in a huge strip-mall in an suburban office park area. For reference's sake, it's next to a Lowe's.

The inside is clean and inviting and the service is friendly. My friend and I liked our two dishes (General Tso's Surprise and Chicken with Broccoli). We loved the Japanese Yam cake we had for dessert, which was unusual and exotic, exactly the type of thing I love to see, but don't see often enough, in most Asian restaurants.

The portion sizes are small considering the prices ($9-10) per dish, which could get you plenty of leftovers at a place like Evergreen in Minneapolis, but gets you just one adequately-filling meal here. It's more like a lunch-special portion size here.

The menu is highly similar to the Sunflower restaurants in Virginia, but slightly less extensive. I do appreciate that they offer interesting vegetables such as jicama and burdock (the latter I had to look up in a dictionary but it sounds delicious).

Ultimately this is a good Asian vegetarian restaurant with vegan items (the bulk of the menu) clearly marked. They also have some interesting-sounding American burgers and sandwiches. That said, I don't think it's quite up to par with its competitors such as Sunflower (2 locations in Virginia) or Yuan Fu and The Vegetable Garden (both in Rockville, Maryland). However, any veg*n restaurant is a good sign and this place fills a needed gap in a remote area. It's also fairly new so I'm sure they'll improve with time. They're off to a good start.

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I adore this relatively new vegetarian restaurant. VERY vegan-friendly, and indicates which of their menu items contain eggs or dairy. Very friendly, good service, and a nice atmosphere. My favorite dishes are General Tso's Surprise and Sweet and Sour Palate. Yumm! =) Also, although their dishes are Chinese-inspired, they do have very American-esque meals, such as sandwiches, burgers, and chicken nuggets. Please support this restaurant!

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