Seed Kitchen

Los Angeles, California


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Inside the building is HOT AS HELL. I don't know how the staff can still be living, but the guy I ordered from was very friendly. I ate my food outside. I ordered the Tempeh BBQ Burger and that together with fries and the coleslaw was too big a portion for me to eat (and I hadn't eaten much that day, AND I am usually a big eater). Anyway, no complaints about the huge portion. The BBQ sauce was homemade and had an interesting flavor that I couldn't decide whether I liked or not. Overall it was a satisfying meal and I'd try this place again if I had the chance.

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This is a hippie vegan macrobiotic-type of cafe that serves room-temperature water while you sit at a large wooden picnic table with other hippie vegan macrobiotic diners. I'm vegan myself, but not macrobiotic (I guess I'm kind of a hippie, though). Anyway, at least Seed Kitchen is close to the beach.

I had a Japanese Vegetable Curry with house-made seitan ($10.95 base + $3 for the seitan). My friend had an espresso/coffee ($2.50). For dessert we had a chocolate chip cookie ($3).

The Japanese curry was bland and not satisfying at all. For $14 it was extremely expensive considering the small portion size. Basically it was brown rice and some vegetables (carrots and mushrooms) in a sharp-tasting sauce (I'm guessing it wasn't cooked enough). The house-made seitan was the best part, but it wasn't as good as the seitan you can get at a grocery store.

My friend didn't enjoy his coffee; it wasn't smooth at all.

Lastly, the chocolate chip cookie was okay, but dry and kind of chewy.

All in all, I was not impressed with Seed Kitchen and wouldn't go back.

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