True Food Kitchen

Phoenix/Tempe Metro, Arizona


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This is what I always eat here:
Vegan chocolate pudding topped with pistachios (non dairy)
Red quinoa tabbouleh green salad (can have baby kale mixed with the greens) with pomegranates and almond slices
Teriyaki mushroom and tofu lettuce cups (to die for)

All of these dishes ROCK! And they cost what they would cost anywhere. Not cheap but normal for unique items in a lovely clean, crisp, open ambiance for a special lunch.

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I like what this place is trying to do. I just wish they were a little more concerned about the food as they do it. First, I get that this place is trendy. That's great. But that doesn't make it good. I also think its great that you can get a healthy meal here no matter what kind of diet you are on. But it is SO expensive for what you get. The portions are very small for the price. I will say that I believe they get produce from McClendon's so they are buying local, which is a good thing. I think the 1 star reviews are a little harsh all things considered. It's not like they are terrible. I would say it's average.

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People seem to think that Fox restaurants know food. They don't! They know marketing though. True Food Kitchen was truly BAD! I tried 4 separate dishes and although each was a little better than the other, they all sucked in their own way. The Curry dish was especially bad. Not only did the food taste like gluten free cow dung, but it was expensive. Don't bother trying it. If you are in this area you should try one of the LGO restaurants. They may be a bit snobby, but at least their food is decent.

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The menu selection and quality of the food was awesome. I will not go back because the size of the meal was to small. Esp the salads. You pay 9-13 dollars a salad and its the size of a dinner salad. The sandwiches ...well the same issue to small for the price, not to mention the sides on the dishes are to small too. We would not mind paying the price if the portions were bigger. Spent over 35$ for lunch and thats including a salad, sandwich and 2 drinks. We left hungry and went and ate at a nearby resturant

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