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Milwaukee, Wisconsin


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The food is pretty good. The owners are knowledgeable about public transit. They were really friendly. Transfer is located a few miles south of Classic Slice which I would rather go to. It is nice to see some competitiveness for best vegan pizza though! Both transfer and classic slice are great options to get good vegan pizza.

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Their pizza is fantastic! The wait staff is also very good with suggesting vegan options and answering any questions. They use Chicago Soy Dairy's new vegan cheese which is more clumpy and creamy and adds a nice richness to the pizza and it's more than just a sprinkling of shredded cheese that you get at Classic Slice. I never thought of putting avocado on pizza, now I'm never gonna have pizza without it!

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We've wanted to try classic slice for a while but I can't see buying a pizza there when they say they do vegan pizzas but don't have any vegan cheese. If that were the case most the pizza places in Milwaukee have a "vegan" pizza. So we went to Transfer and wow they had a live samba band playing, full far with $5 margaritas and mojitos, and vegan cheese. We built our pizza with the vegan cheese of course, mushrooms, artichokes, and peppers. The waiter was good and really hauling ass to please customers which is always nice to see. we paid $20 for the large pizza and I would have paid more it was so good:) The crust was one of my favorite parts and it's usually something that is totally overlooked. It was a light crispy and airy crust throughout but puffy and more bread-like on the edges a perfect mix in one pizza. The sauce tasted fresh, and the ingredients were applied very liberally. The vegan cheese was a feta cheese consistency unlike Olive Pit which does a melty gooey vegan cheese. It would be hard for me to pick a favorite I think it will just depend on what were in the mood for as far as how we pick which one to go to in the future. Oh the atmosphere too... the Olive Pit is quite and you can sit and chat and at Transfer it's loud live music so both are great depending on which you want that night.

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First I'll say that I LOVE that they give a discount to cyclists and those utilizing public transporation. Our waitress was also very knowledgeable (likely because she also works at veg-friendly Beans and Barley cafe/grocery) and very willing to ask the kitchen about vegan items.

My first time here, I had the Tutti Vegetariani (mixed veggies and marinara) without cheese and it was pretty good. I was told they vary the veggies and when I had it, it had artichokes and bell peppers, but could definitely have benefitted from olives. I also had the Bob's Special, which has mushrooms, spinach, onion, and avocado. It normally has garlic sauce, but since it's not vegan, we got marinara instead. The pizza would be better with a non-tomato based sauce, but it was still good, and warm avocado on pizza was surprisingly good. I would say I preferred this pizza of the two.

I just ate here again last week and loved the pizza even more. Due to demand, Transfer will begin offering vegan cheese ($1.50 for a small pizza, $2 for a large); and they're deciding between Tease and Follow Your Heart. I happened to go 3 days before they were set to launch the vegan cheese, but they had a sample of Toffuti cream cheese that was sent to them, which they let us try. I'm surprised we were charged for adding the cheese, since they said it was a sample sent to them and that they wouldn't be using it in the future, but I'm glad we were able to try it.

While I would never think to put cream cheese on pizza, I will admit that it was amazing! We had the zucchini pizza, that came w/ fried zucchini, onions and cheese (soy cheese in our case), and we added fried potatoes to it. It was outstanding! We also had some other pizza that had artichokes and onions with soy cheese, and it was really good, but I preferred the former.

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Their pizza is very good - more of a pillowy type of crust. They are adding vegan cheese. You can also get coffee/tea drinks with soy milk.

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