Brick Road Pizza

Grand Rapids, Michigan


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Their menu is *loaded* with vegan options. You can get far more vegan dishes here than at the 100% vegetarian restaurant in town (Gaia Cafe). In fact, I relish the feeling in a restaurant like this because even though it serves meat, the vegan vibe dominates. Brick Road has achieved something that appears rather difficult in the restaurant world: to have a primarily vegan restaurant with a predominantly mainstream clientele.

If you're vegan, you will be happily overwhelmed with all the options on the menu and basking in vegan glory. It's the kind of place where you go and it makes you think if every place was like this, all would be right with the world. Their pizzas, sandwiches, sides - everything is delicious. Service can get slow when it's busy and when it's hot in summer they are slow to crank the A/C, but it's a small price to pay to experience these tasty vegan delights.

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Brickroad has amazing food. Their $8 buffet on weekdays and $11 buffet on sunday is the best! not entirely healthy food though many of it is vegan, but it is nice to have american-style vegan food once in a while. It is a bit pricey for pizza's though, you can get a 16 inch pizza for $24. Thats why the buffet is the best.

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Amazing selection of Vegan friendly food... including pizza and ice cream!!!

Very impressed with the options and my husband LOVES it!

It's got a great atmosphere and the wait staff were soooo helpful and friendly!

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Awesome vegan selection

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