Jack Yee's Restaurant

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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A curious place, Jack Yee's is. It's an old Chinese restaurant that reminded me of the one featured in "A Christmas Story." But, as Bender from Futurama once said, "Father Time really took a bat to this place."

The inside looks nearly abandoned, like a decaying set-piece, with an unused buffet bar. The heat is barely on and I was forced to keep my jacket on the entire meal (it was around 40 degrees outside and maybe 60 degrees, at best, inside).

The owner is a jolly, energetic, helpful guy, but he also functions as the cook, waiter and busboy. As such, the service is pretty slow.

I walk by the place often and have noticed that the restaurant is usually empty, but sometimes has one or two old ladies on the inside. It seems to attract some regular customers, though not many.

Jack Yee's has a decent vegetarian section with mock duck and tofu options. If you like oily, sweet-and-sour stir-fry dishes, this is the place for you. Jack Yee's is not good or unique in any way, and it suffers from slow service and freezing inside temperatures but, given the lack of vegan options in this wasteland portion of the Minneapolis suburbs, I'm actually marginally pleased it's around.

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