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Most of their food is not that exciting, but they have the best veggie burgers ever! They are deep-fried, huge, and served on a gigantic roll. It's almost enough for 2 people.

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Not bad - I was excited to see the veg meatball sub, and while it was good, they're a little stingy with the meatballs.

I also noticed that they take the meatballs out the fridge and microwave them to make the sub - not exactly fresh made.

The spicy fries are delicious. Bring a friend along to share them as you'll receive enough for 2!

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The food here isn't all that special, but I really have to give them high marks for fantastic service. On one visit we ordered vegan pizza and asked for spinach on it, not realizing that wasn't normally an option. One of the guys working there actually went to a nearby market and bought a bag of spinach to put some of it on our pizza!

And I've had similarly helpful experiences on other occasions. They also have french fries, for which I have a great weakness. French fries and vegan pizza, the dinner of champions!

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