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Berlin, Germany


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Finaly a real fatty pizza! A nice change to the non-cheese pizzas that you usually are left to eat as a vegan(sometimes you just crave real fast food!). If I lived in berlin this would be one of my favourite places to eat on afriday afternoon, or maybe a sunday after a night out? A lot of meat substitutes, I'm not usually a big fan of those, but it was nice with a change and it was really inspiring to see all the different options. Also ok pricing and the rasta guy behind the counter makes it even better!;)

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At last a really great Mango Lassi. I also had the Pizza Hawaii which I am still craving. Like other fast food Vegan Eateries, don't expect to get "health food". (I cook my veggies @ home) This is pure "craveable" stuff. ALL VEGAN, so don't bother asking "What is animal free?"

Already in love with this place.

Some of the choices:
Burgers & Fries
Veggi Fries!
Lassis, Smoothies, Shakes

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