Mariposa Food Co-op

Philadelphia Metro, Pennsylvania


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This place is great! They only allow members to shop there, but they'll let the general public shop once before deciding to join. I was just visiting for the weekend so this was perfect for me. The store is small but they have everything you need.

I didn't see any meat (although I saw lots of faux meats), so I am thinking this place is all veg, aside from the organic fish sauce I saw, which contains anchovies. They had a great selection of vegan cheese, ice cream, and snacks, along with tons of organic produce and bulk grains.

My one complaint is that they have a lot of non-organic stuff or items that are organic, but are made by shady corporations. That said, this would be my first place to shop in PA, I'm just spoiled because my co-op really focuses on organic and small brands.

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