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Vegan tacos, nachos, burrito, fajitas, and more! So close to Drexel and Penn and so tasty. Only thing I have a problem with is that after 5pm, you can't get in unless you're 21. Super annoying.

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I give this place points for being pretty vegan-friendly, but unfortunately the food just isn't that great. They have vegan soy cheese and soy sour cream, but neither one is very good. The soy cheese is some sort of store-bought non-melting slightly weird-tasting stuff. The soy sour cream is just whipped tofu with not much flavor.

The burrito I had was decent but not terribly flavorful. I also got vegan nachos which were ok, but the not-so-great soy cheese really brings them down. They'd be much better with some sort of nutritional yeast based sauce.

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Another hidden enclave of a restaurant complete with a bar in the front and a dining tables in the back with a very cool decor. If you're lucky, you just might get carded at the door. This is not exactly a vegetarian restaurant, but there are selections on the menu that can be made with tofu. I think it's probably best to eat here on a weeknight cause the weekends tend to attract those loud, unruly, pesky Penn students watching the game at the bar or who feel happy to finally be of a legal drinking age. The burritos and quesadillas can be made with soy cheese, and tofu sour cream is available as well. The burritos are tasty but are more on the gourmet side and are not authentically Mexican looking as far as heartiness goes. But they do get it right by shoving a basket of chips in front of you when you sit down. The music ain't bad either. I would like it even better if you could get a wheat-free tortilla for those folks who have wheat allergies.

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