New Delhi Indian Restaurant

Philadelphia Metro, Pennsylvania


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New Delhi is my favorite Indian restaurant of all time. Sign up for their mailing list, they constantly send 15% off coupons! Wednesday night is the best night for vegan options!

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vegan options clearly marked on the menu and the buffet. also gluten free is marked.
the nan isn't marked as vegan so it probably has butter but that is a waste of stomach space anyways.

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New Delhi is like your first kiss. It's hard to forget and everything after that has to measure up to it. Something is wrong with you if you don't like New Delhi. This is a spacious restaurant that is quite popular in University city. I had the pleasure of living right across the street from it so I'm taking the liberty of writing a very biased review. The menu selections are pricey, so the buffet is the way to go. They change slightly from night to night. Vegetable balls in a tasty red sauce, or in a chickpea sauce, Chana saag, curry vegetables (califlower, potatoes and carrots), basmati rice, lentils, Samsosas, Nan bread; all excellent.

There is no shortage of waiters as there are about 5 to 6 guys working the room on a given night. Very polite and friendly, and sometimes pushy about getting a dessert since, as they are fond of telling you "It comes with the buffet". That is entirely up to you if you can stomach it. Literally. There is also a fresh salad buffet available as well with lettuce, sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, and various dals, and spices. A real treat of a place to eat!

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