Outpost Natural Foods

Milwaukee, Wisconsin


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Love Outpost. I'm glad they're around so I can get good veg food on the run. And the veal thing, well, they (and others) sell lamb, chicken, etc. - which are all baby animals. (I actually have never seen veal in their stores, but then I don't shop for meat...)I guess I'm more about the fact they're a co-op and serve a lot of different people... like me!!!And they have kung pao tofu - yummmm.

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The Outpost is certainly a better option than Pick 'n' Save or Jewel, but I'll never forgive them for selling veal. How can an "ethical" co-op sell veal?

Skip Outpost and head to the Riverwest Co-op on Frattney and Clarke.

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The outpost sells veal. It can not be justified.

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I miss Outpost. They offer a lot of organic options at good prices with the convenience of a grocery store.

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