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Milwaukee, Wisconsin


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vegan-modified sweet potato burrito has me coming back every time I'm in town. The small grocery is very nice and vegan-friendly as well.

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I have been going to Beans and Barley for a very long time and their service and food has always been consistently good. I no longer live in Milwaukee but almost always try to stop there when I'm in town. As several others have mentioned their tofu scrambler is the best I've had anywhere (I did buy the cookbook with the recipe and have made it at home as well, I highly recommend seeking that out). In fact it pretty much spoiled tofu scrambler any other place I go because I always compare it to B&B and it always falls flat. This was the first place I ever had tempeh and I really enjoy their tempeh, tomato, and lettuce sandwich (available with vegan mayo).

They also make fresh squeezed veg juices and I'm a huge fan of carrot/celery/ginger. It's pricey but its worth it to not have to clean your juicer.

The one criticism I would agree with is that their menu has barely changed at all since I started going there 10 years ago. As busy as it is in there more of the time you can't really blame them for keeping what works.

As a grocery it used to be more unusual and really for that area (by foot) its still decent, but the prices tend to be a bit on the high side for the convenience of not having to driving/busing/biking to one of the co-ops. Fortunately some of the items there are becoming more mainstream and can be found in many major chains. They do have some unique gift items there though and a great selection of greeting cards (not walgreens variety).

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My husband and I went there for my birthday. I wanted to give it a try, especially since their online menu looked so yummy. I ordered the sweet potato burrito with modifications, including trading in the chips for fruit. My husband ordered the stir fry with chicken (he's not a vegetarian/ vegan).

I thought my burrito was absolutely lovely. I had them add black olives, tomatoes, and onions and changed the wrap to whole wheat. I was very stuffed afterward. The burrito came with a side of salsa and I think it was ranch (I didn't try it).My husband really liked his stir fry not so much because of the meat but because of the sauce they used. He said the only change he would ask for is less celery or at least to have it cut up more (the pieces were quite large for that veggie). The burrito came with a side of salsa and I think it was ranch (I didn't try it).

I will definitely go there again soon. They have a number of vegan items I want to try.

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We dined at B&B yesterday. My girlfriend had a tofu burrito that was a little short on flavor. A decent amount of peppers and a really nice tortilla conspired to save the overall experience.

I had the vegan biscuits and gravy. It too was pretty average. The flavors were just a little flat. Make no mistake, I did eat it all.

My rating is a little higher than the food warranted, but it was a sunny day and our beagle was able to chill under the table out front.

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This place is pretty small and is definitely a "trendy" restaurant on the east side. I would like to see some expansion to the menu selection, but I definitely recommend doing take out or buying some food from the coolers and taking a look around the store. I have yet to find a better tofu sandwich than the balsamic tofu sandwich. yum!

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I eat at Beans and Barley all of the time. From their breakfasts to their dinners, there is always something delicious to be had. The scrambled tofu really is the best. I love the breakfast sandwich they offer during the week, and at $4, you can't really go wrong. After months and months of getting tofu scrambles and burritos, I finally decided to try the biscuits and gravy. It was really, really good. It's definitely going to be in my regular rotation of brunch items. The vegan pancakes are also a must.
The TLT is simple, but really good. The stir fry offered nearly every night with the choice of tempeh or tofu is awesome, too. Basically the prices are reasonable, the food is never greasy, and it's never done me wrong!

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Really good vegan breakfast! Their tofu scrambler was really good they really know how to use and cook tofu. The rosemary potatoes are also a really nice change from your standard hash browns at other places and come with the scrambler. The white and rye bread is vegan the wheat is not... ask for the vegan butter too. I just told our waiter that i was vegan and he adjusted my order accordingly, he knew what he was doing.

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I agree with some previous reviewers that B&B is way overrated.

The food tends to be bland and generally seems uninspired, and they don't always have vegan cheese or sour cream available. Also, portions are small for the price.

I agree that B&B is just a favorite of trendy people who want to feel enlightened for eating at a supposedly great vegetarian place.

B&B is worth a visit to the grocery store but spend your restaurant money elsewhere.

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I agree with what the other people said on here about the atmosphere. The lunch/dinner menu is really lacking, but I have to say, they have the best tofu scramble in the city! Your best bet though is either getting something from the deli case or ordering off of the carry-out menu.

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I'm not too big on this place. The food is decent but it's nothing spectacular. Also, they haven't changed their menu in like 6 years so I'm SO sick of the food. Someone else's comment was right on when they said that this place is for meat eaters who want to pat themselves on the back for eating vegetarian (or for eating chicken in a veg-friendly restaurant). Lame.

However, the grocery does carry a lot of vegetarian and vegan options and you can get East Side Ovens fresh vegan bakery there.

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I think the food is really bland the atmosphere tends to be a bit obnoxious (a bunch of rich people trying to feel better about eating fancy organic or vegetarian leaning options and consuming ethically so they can sleep at night). This place makes me want to vomit.

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Beans and Barley consistently gets picked as Milwaukee's best restaurant for vegetarians by readers in just about every newspaper. Honestly, I don't know why. There's a few of other places in town that I think should take the title hands down. The menu is pretty vegetarian-heavy, but as a vegan, I don't even really notice those menu items that contain eggs and/or cheese. Don't get me wrong, the vegan items that they do offer are good; the TLT (tempeh, lettuce and tomato) and the black bean burrito are favorites. They are just not plentiful.
If you're looking for a quick snack, however, you can always count on the deli to have something for any type of vegetarian.

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I like this place and the neighborhood. I can't say too much, only having been here a couple of times, but I have had only positive experiences.

I can recommend their vegan biscuits and gravy-- it looks nothing like traditional biscuits and gravy, but it tastes better: very light, but satisfying.

As for lunch / dinner, the vegetarian chili is so-so, kind of bland, but I like spicy foods, so that might be my bias. Their black bean burritos are more my style.

Oh, yeah, if you're a coffee fan, be sure to have a cup of Alterra coffee.

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They have some vegan options. I've only been there twice. I had a vegan black bean burrito, and another time had some soup that i don't remember. The food and service is fine from what i remember, but it's kind of upscale and bourgeois. The food isn't that expensive and they have a little market to the right side of the entrance that you can do a little grocery shopping as well.

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