Jasmine Garden

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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This place is a shade above your average strip-mall Chinese take-out joint. It's a small restaurant with seating for maybe a dozen people at most, and is not particularly well-kept or inviting. But the service is friendly and the place seems to be run by a nice family.

While the menu appears to be almost exactly average strip-mall Chinese, I found the food here to be quite good, actually. It's not heavy on oil, corn starch or sugar, and generally feels much lighter and fresher than most Chinese restaurants. They use fresh green onion and zucchini, both of which you don't see often in Chinese strip-mall joints. They even offer brown rice (for no extra charge!).

Their "bean curd homestyle" is a solid dish. The woman behind the counter assured me the dish was vegan (after I explained what vegan meant), but I admit harboring some skepticism. On the other hand, the servers were friendly and seem trustworthy. I need to learn how to say "no oyster sauce" in Mandarin.

Given the dearth of decent food options in the southwest suburbs, especially Hopkins, Jasmine Garden is about as good as you'll find.

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