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Vegetarian Indian foods

Features street foods, thalis and other vegetarian snacks.

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There are so many cheap Indian restaurants in the South Bay (many of which use the word "chaat" in their name) and they are all virtually identical to one another. Chaat Paradise isn't that different from the rest, but it does stand out in little ways.

1. They have a "capsicum" curry on the menu. Capsicum is just the British/Indian word for bell peppers, typically green bell peppers. This might be the only cheap Indian joint in the Bay area to offer bell peppers on the menu.

2. They have a corn roti on the menu. Again, this is an unusually experimental and rare dish to see. You won't find it elsewhere in the Bay Area.

3. They serve their food on actual plates, rather than styrofoam. This might sound like a strange thing to point out, but Indian restaurants that serve food on styrofoam are pretty embarrassing and unabashedly disrespectful to the environment. Unfortunately, there's a lot of them.

I came with my family and we ordered a bunch of dishes. The menu is a bit confusing and also difficult to read, as it's made with small font placed on a picture background. Also, the menus are unwieldy and excessive in size (couldn't they have fit things onto a normal sheet of paper?).

The capsicum curry ($6) was a competent dish. It wasn't great, but I liked the generally bold flavor of this dish (nice levels of spice) and the fact that they offered bell peppers rather than the standard potato/spinach/chickpea/cauliflower stuff you see at most Indian restaurants.

The corn roti ($2) also tasted fine and offered a respite from the usual wheat and white rice that you normally find in Indian food.

The chana masala ($5), however, fell flat. For one thing, it tasted stale, and the spices didn't stand out at all, making the dish a bland mess.

The service was terrible. Unhelpful, curt and rude, and disorganized. That said, I don't really care about service too much, but this could be an issue if you're looking to place your order with a friendly face.

All in all, Chaat Paradise is decent and has a few surprises. It's not great by any means, but it does attempt to distinguish itself from the masses, which I respect and applaud.

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At Grant St.



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11:30am - 9:30pm

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