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I've been to a few Loving Huts now and they all have the same fundamental problems: the menu never takes risks and the portion sizes are small for the amount they charge. In other words, this place (and the Loving Hut franchise in general) is too safe and not a good value. Off the bat, if you're in Milpitas, there's a better vegan cafe only half a mile away (Green Cafe Vegan) which should be your first choice if you have to choose which one to try.

I had a "Queens" lunch special ($8) which is described as soy protein with onions and garlic, stir-fried with a special house sauce. The lunch special is a pretty small portion and was basically just ten pieces of soy chicken with some sauteed onions. There wasn't any "sauce" per se and the dish was just dry and boring. It wasn't spicy either.

The lunch special also comes with a large-ish lump of brown rice and a simple lettuce-tomato side salad, as well as a cup of soup.

For dessert I had a slice of their chocolate cake ($4.25) which was spectacular: succulent, moist, subdued and just perfect. The Loving Hut in Palo Alto also makes a chocolate cake of this quality.

Loving Hut is okay. But it's not great. I'd be willing to try a few more of their dishes but, given the prices and portion sizes here, I'd rather go half a mile away to Green Cafe Vegan, and get twice the food for the same price. Green Cafe also has an edgier menu and offers innovative and unusual fare.

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