Ely's To Go

Youngstown, Ohio

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Vegan to go cafe

Restaurant, Coffee/Tea/Juice

Offers from-scratch sandwiches, soups and desserts.

Added by conde.kedar on Oct 10 08 (last updated Oct 29 11)

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Came up from Durham, NC to visit my family. Not a full on vegetarian since I still eat fish, eggs, and dairy but I have come to appreciate tofu and some of the fake meat options for vegetarians/vegans. My mom found out about this place from someone at work. Apparently, the spring rolls are developing quite a following.

Wasn't sure what to expect since I grew up near Youngstown Ohio and haven't heard of a vegan restaurant in the area ever since I left in 1995.

This place was great! Very, very small. Could call it cozy especially if you want to stay there to eat. Everyone was very friendly and more than happy to spend some time chatting with us about their menu.

We had the spring rolls which were awesome. I think anyone reading a few reviews here would already know that, but they did live up to their reputation.

Also had a surprisingly delicious "steak" sandwich! I think they used fresh bread from the place next door. It was so good, I bought a second one to go to take on our road trip back to NC. Didn't eat it until a couple of days later but it held up well and was a lot better than stopping to get another disappointing veggie sub from some fast food place! On word of caution, the menu rotates, so they don't have the "steak" sandwich every day.

The other things we had were the roasted golden beet salad that was great, and a soup with cannellini beans and spinach that was a nice complement to the "steak" sandwich, and we also got a cookie to go that was scrumptious!

And all of it was VEGAN! SO AWESOME! I wish we had a place as good as this in Durham. We have a few but I haven't had anything as good as this since I cut back on the meat in my diet. I hope they do well and I hope they're there the next time we come to visit!

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This place is an unusual concept for a stripmall in suburban Youngstown, but I hope it points to a brighter future with healthy, from-scratch, vegan food all over the country. It's a small cafe where you place your order at the counter and some of the food is brought to you, while some of it you just grab from a cooler case.

They make simple foods, such as vegetable/tofu sandwiches and soups with options rotating daily. I was really impressed that they make their own bread, which is a rarity in the restaurant world.

I just wish they offered a couple more sandwich and soup options; the day I went I had some kind of a tofu sandwich, but it would have been nice to have a homemade seitan option, or some kind of a TLT.

I also got a tasty lentil soup but, bizarrely, the soup is cold and sits in a cooler case. If you want hot soup, you have to pop the paper container in the microwave next to the napkins and heat it up yourself.

This do-it-yourself microwave action did not match with the otherwise elegant atmosphere of the cafe (wicker chairs, flowers, lots of sunshine).

Lastly, I had a great muffin here as well. All in all, Ely's To Go is a great option for a quick, healthy and tasty lunch.

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Exterior, August 2011.

Exterior, August 2011.


8am - 6pm

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