Sweat Records

Miami, Florida

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Indie vegetarian coffee house


Sweat Records is a record shop that features vegan desserts and sweet snacks. They also carry vegan empanadas, which are the only savory item they offer.

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I was so happy to have a chance to visit this place. It's right in the middle of Little Haiti, which is mostly full of small, independent Haitian & Caribbean restaurants and groceries. Sweat Records is an actual record shop so I didn't recognize it immediately (I was looking for a cafe) but once I was in, I loved the ambiance. The lady working behind the counter was really laid back and friendly and had some good recommendations for other vegan-friendly food in the area.

As the vegan empanadas are the only savory item, that's pretty much what I got. The day I was in, they offered curry (lentils and potato, I believe), and spinach. Both were good but nothing to brag about. I don't think they had enough flavor to stand on their own but probably would have been really good with a sauce. I also picked up a container of Sweet and Sara chocolate biscotti, which I've never seen before (and I live in NY, where the company is based!). The biscotti was only $5 for the whole pack, which was a good deal.

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The vegan cupcakes are fabulous. Everything about them is just right. If you don't tell a non vegan person they are vegan, they would not be able to tell the difference. This is a sweet treat well worth getting!

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