Sugar Beat Sweets

San Francisco, California


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Seriously, I'm the first to review SBS? Honest to gawd, if you need a cake, a cupcake, or a peek at the world's most adorable chihuahua, you gotta get in touch with Melisser. She made my birthday goods this year, which included a cake and a couple dozen mini cupcakes. There were only two other vegans at my party, but EVERYONE raved for DAYS about that cake. I found out after the party that my very foodie, very omnivore, chef friends found the secret stash of cupcakes and were stuffing their faces with vegan goodies all night long. All the non-vegans made jokes about all the other food all night, but seriously, NO ONE joked about the cupcakes and cakes. In fact, 2 of my non-vegan friends that had cake that night are now ordering their wedding cake from Melisser even though there will only be 6 vegans there. None of their guests will guess that the cake is vegan and they'll all be astounded when they find out. Now that I've found Melisser and SBS, I want no other baked goods in my mouth! Oh, and btw, they are beautiful and the flavors are amazing. Snickerdoodle is my favorite, but the chocolate birthday cake with citrus frosting, was dy-no-mite!!

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