Hampden Park Coop

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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Hampden Park Co-op has improved dramatically. Gluten free breads are now available. This is a CSA drop off site as well. Hampden Park is only time working co-op--a throw back to the 60's and 70's--great atmosphere and many times you will hear folks musicians playing.

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They have especially good veggie sandwiches and soups, when they have them. I can't always figure that out, even though I used to volunteer there I am still as clueless as anyone.

I wish they would post something.

But mostly, it is a very veg friendly place both to eat and to do grocery shopping.

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Hampden Park continues to improve. The major shortcoming is small selection. The staff is very good about trying out new products, but, because the place is so small, anything that doesn't sell well immediately is discontinued. However, if you want something they don't carry, they are great about special ordering.

HPC is very affordable. A membership costs only $30, as opposed to $90 at Mississippi Market. And I believe that only HPC and North Country Coop on the West Bank allow discounts for working in the store. (Two three-hour shifts per month gets you a 21% discount.)

Two or three soups are available daily. Fortunately for vegans, one is always vegetarian vegetable. (It's not unusual for one of the other soups to be vegan also -- such as Moroccan Chickpea or Curried Mock Duck.) You can make a simple meal out of that and a nice roll (from French Meadow or A Toast to Bread) and a drink (nice variety including Sioux City Sarsaparilla, ginger beer, Kristian Regale carbonated apple or pear juice, China Cola, and Orangina). The front refrigerator case also generally has house-made hummus and chickpea salsa, pasta salads, delicious zatar bread and baba ghannoush from Holy Land Deli, and, if you're lucky, the wonderful house-made tempeh salad made with vegan mayo.

They also have an exceptional variety of interesting crackers and dry pastas. The cookie selection is also excellent, with national brand vegan delights and a great variety of terrific locally made ones, which unfortunately are mostly non-vegan. The frozen section probably has the weakest selection, with far fewer veggie burger and soy ice cream choices than I'd like.

Housewares are excellent, with lots of great little gadgets, fancy chopsticks, beautiful French casserole dishes, whimsical aprons, and elegant Japanese pottery. There's a constantly changing selection of exquisite sarongs, less expensive than I've seen anywhere else.

Hampden Park may not stock everything you've ever wanted, but what it has is wonderful.

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This is a nice little hole-in-the-wall co-op. They have the basics, produce, bulk, etc., but they also have several kinds of soup they make at the co-op and a small selection of pre-packaged deli items made in their kitchen as well. Two of the four soups they were offering were vegan when we went. They have a basic vegetable soup, and a french market soup, which was basically a soup full of legumes. They were both good, and the prices are reasonable. Their stuffed grape leaves were also good, and cheap. Be forewarned, though, their restroom isn't for public use.

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