People's Food Co-op

La Crosse, Wisconsin

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Natural foods co-op with deli


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This co-op is excellent for vegans as so little other support exists in the area besides farmer's markets and home gardening. There is just about everything a vegan would need or want in this store.

This co-op also goes out of its way to support local farmers, foods and resources. They are involved with the community.

The bulk section for food and cosmetics is good but could be better.

There is a good section of all organic and some local foods. There is a larger section of "conventional" produce.

The deli is vegan friendly. The bakery is quasi-vegan friendly. The bakery only offers one ready made baked item, a vegan muffin. It is good, but they substitute egg with banana, which is fine once in a while, but really gets old if it is your only option. I wish they would try ground flax seed, psyllium or applesauce instead.

I have made these suggestions with no response from any of the staff.

They could learn a lot from Monty's Blue Plate Diner in Madison.

To the deli's credit, they will prepare vegan desserts if you place an order in ahead of time.

There are a few vegan options for hot sandwiches you can order at the deli.

In the plastic wrapped sandwiches to go, there is one sandwich only that is vegan: kalamata olive-tofu sandwich. It is fine if you like olives. But I'd rather leave the plastic. There are several vegetarian options usually.

This co-op could do a lot more to reduce plastic use.

Also, this co-op carries coke products, iams animal companion food and other items that are not desirable for a vegan or humanitarian.

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This is a large, comprehensive co-op with every vegan staple you'd ever need: tofu; non-dairy milks; mockmeats; fake cheese; and tons of bulk items. They also carry green cleaning supplies and personal care products.

Prices are reasonable. I just wish that their deli/hot bar had labeled vegan options (the usual tempeh reuben type of stuff you see at most co-ops); unfortunately, People's Food doesn't offer much by way of quick vegan prepared meals.

Otherwise, this is a pretty decent store and worth visiting if you're in the area.

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1/2 block north of Cass Ave. (U.S. 14/61 bridge to Minnesota)

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7am - 10pm

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