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I pretty much agree with the other reviewers on the assessment of the food. As a vegan, I'm glad this place is here. I like most of what I've tried here, but very little of it is exceptional. My main fave is the Yangwich, a Boca Burger-type sandwich on delicious bread. I also like their carrot soup.

Some of their other meals are a bit hardcore vegan for my taste, though everything on the menu is well prepared, elegantly presented, and healthy.

That said, I love this place. It's a beautiful space with a great energy, an unpretentious oasis in the middle of Palo Alto. It's got a warm, progressive vibe (complete with library of vegetarian books!). Good place for a first date!

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Another mixed review for the Bayleaf, here. While not a standout, the Bayleaf is a reasonably priced option which is clean on the eyes and palate. The pluses include the fact that it is an all vegan option in the South Bay area, the kind service, nice salad greens, clean tasting water, and Maggie Mudd ice cream!

Two other menu recommendations: BBQ Tempeh Sandwich (the homemade sauce is quite good) and the Curry Soup (delicious!). I would not recommend the quesadilla or the Artichoke Roll, but my opinions may be biased here because I do not care for "cheese" or large pieces of raw tofu (found in the roll).

Overall, I would visit again and recommend it to others.

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I was in Palo Alto for business and ate a number of meals here. The food ranged from average to good, and the desserts I tried were very good. It's nothing exceptional, but I was glad it was here, since Palo Alto doesn't have a huge number of vegan options.

The service was quite good on all of my trips, and the atmosphere was quite pleasant.

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My feelings are mixed about the Bayleaf. The positives: It's the only all-vegan place in Palo Alto. They have a fairly large dessert selection. The sourdough bread with garlic spread was SO GOOD. My husband really liked his carrot wrap/sandwich.

The negatives: My portobello sandwich was not very good at all. I ate about 1/3 of it before giving up. In part, this is my fault. I should have known that ordering a sandwich with lots of fresh tomatoes is a mistake in the middle of winter--not prime tomato season. But regardless, the sandwich was bland, even though it was covered in ground pepper.

I was also somewhat unimpressed with the chocolate cake sundae I split with my husband. The cake was fairly dry. The non-dairy ice cream was good though. (We were trying to guess if it was Soy Delicious or Rice Dream.) And they had non-dairy whipped "cream." Not tofu cream, either. It was clearly the whipped cream from one of those spray cans. So that was a bit of a treat, though I could have done with more ice cream and less whipped topping.

Prices were OK, though the sandwiches were less filling than my husband and I were hoping.

But they do serve organic, fair-trade coffee (nice), and they have free wi-fi (also nice).

Service was good, and the decor was simple and pleasant.

All in all, not the best vegan place I've been, but not the worst. I would probably return every so often if I lived in the area. (We are visiting from out of town.)

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