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Hole in the wall authentic Cantonese

This place looks like one of those awful take-out greasy nasty Chinese places, but it's really not. In fact, they serve some incredibly authentic Cantonese food. Highlights for vegetarians include Salty Tofu, Water Spinach with Fermented Tofu Sauce, and Pea Pod Tips with Garlic.

They have two menus, one with food for Americans, and one with food for Chinese people. Both are in English, but the latter is much more interesting. Also make sure to check out the specials listed all over the wall, because many of them are vegetarian.

Added by Dave Rolsky on Mar 13 03 (last updated Jan 28 04)

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Tasty has very authentic Cantonese food, especially the dishes shown in pictures on the wall.

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This place has some fantastic Cantonese food. I'd recommend staying away from the Americanized stuff, like the General Tso's Tofu (which is insanely sweet) and ordering something authentic like the Salty Tofu, which is deep fried tofu with bits of fried garlic and hot pepper. Yum!

They often have pea pod tips and water spinach, though these are both seasonal. Order the water spinach with tofu sauce, which is a pungent, fermented tofu paste. It sounds weird, but it tastes great.

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