Thai Elephant

Phoenix/Tempe Metro, Arizona


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A great, vegan friendly Thai place. I usually get a curry with tofu.

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Wow...I felt like an elephant after eating here! I couldn't stop eating the yellow curry with tofu, it was so delish. Chunks of bright orange carrot, potato and tofu marinated in yellow curry and sweet coconut milk were a taste bud treat. I grudgingly shared this entree and the drunken noodles with tofu that the server finally allowed me to order "Thai hot" with my husband, who also loved both entrees. The thai hot was pretty spicy, but by no means unmanageable. We also ordered the appetizer combo plate (yes, thanks, very hungry), which had a fried corn potato cake and sweet potato something or other, complete with 4 different dipping sauces that all tasted fresh and unique. We dined with some carnivore friends who also loved the yellow curry, but with chicken. Service was attentive and helpful at explaining the menu items. Reasonable prices and nice ambiance...loved it!

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I went to this restaurant for a work lunch. I ordered a curry with tofu, and to my dismay there were pieces of shrimp in the mix. They supposedly remade it, but finding large hunks of seafood in a vegetarian dish does not make me feel comfortable about whatever else may have sneaked in. Beyond that, the food was mediocre for a Thai restaurant. I ordered my food Thai hot but could barely notice any spiciness in the dish. It was quite disappointing. I did enjoy the mini-spring roll that was included with the lunch though; I thought that was a nice addition. If you're in the area, I recommend driving a block or so east to Thai Basil. Thai Elephant is roomier and has better decor, but the food left much to be desired. I won't dock the score for the accidental meat in my dish, but be careful if you go there, especially if you have an allergy.

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