Rosewood Market and Deli

Columbia, South Carolina

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Organic produce and vitamins


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Added by Kelly Holmes on May 29 04 (last updated May 2 16)

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Rosewood Market is a great place to eat and very VEGAN-friendly. They have the best deli in town. There is always at least one vegan option to choose from on the menu and sometimes there is two (either two vegan or 1 vegan and 1 macro--which is vegan). All of the items in the deli case are color coded so that you can tell which products are what. Black means there is animal ingredients in that item. Red means that the item is Macro and Green means that the item is Vegan. This system really makes it convenient for the shopper. They have great salads and fresh fruit daily to go along with your meal (along with a bajillion other things). This is a veg lovers paradise. I have yet to be disappointed with anything that I have eaten there. They have really good jerk tofu and tofu loaf (seasonal I think). Almost all of their desserts are either Macro or Vegan. It is very rare for them to serve a dessert that contains animal ingredients. Some of their cakes can be a little bit dry, but it doesn't bother me that much. They usually have carrot cake, chocolate cake, banana walnut cake, cowboy cake, tofu cheesecake (oh, I forgot, this one is very gross! it has some sort of vegan gelatin on the top of it), blueberry pie and/or cobbler, lemon pie, and coconut cream pie...the list could go on and 95% they will all be either vegan or macro. They have great brownies too. I buy them all the time. I have a real vegan sweet tooth if you have not noticed. Eat in or take out. They have a little patio to eat on outside whenever the weather is nice. The grocery store is great too! I shop there all of the time (in addition to the local Earthfare). They carry many items that are made locally and they carry many other popular items found in regular health food grocery stores. There is a vitamin/herbal medicine section, produce, dairy, meats, faux meat, gluten free items, bulk section, frozen foods, snacks, juices, cereals...everything! They even have a small section for those who have diabetes (low sugar, sugar free, etc.). A must visit if you are in the area!

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Last year, I was sent to Columbia on a business trip. We don't do a lot of work in the South (mostly, I end up traveling in the upper Midwest). My only other vegetarian travel experience in the South, up until that point, left me pretty worried... so I had no clue what to expect. The first night I was there, I ventured over to the India Pavilion restaurant. Unfortunately, my experience wasn't that great, so I became even more worried about where I'd eat for the next few days.

Generally, when I'm not digging on the notion of Subway for three days straight, I'll fall back on my old standby of just winging it at the grocery store. Even though my hotel didn't have a microwave, I knew I could get something, even if it was ghetto, like Potato Buds.

Blessed be the VegGuide, since it helped me find Rosewood! Man, did I eat well on that trip. Solely because of its deli, and the awesome folks working behind it, I can say with damned certainty that this market is one of the best, if not THE best, that I've shopped at ANYWHERE in the United States so far. (Mind you, I'm comparing this to Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, and wherever else I have been, but this place rocks.) During my trip, I was able to try some amazing macrobiotic falafels, some sort of barbecue tofu, and a few other things ... all of which were great. The market even carries GT's Kombucha. How rad is that?

I hope to make it back to Columbia sometime, and have more freedom to check out other things around town. If all I ever do there is visit Rosewood, though, that's all I'll need to make that trip complete.

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