Muddy Waters

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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I checked out Muddy Waters right after they opened and I seem to remember there wasn't much for vegans.. but tonight went there for drinks on a whim.. and found both Vegan and Gluten Free options! Had the Jamaican jerk tofu with grilled pineapple and rice.. and the yucca fries. Both were quite tasty! (beware the jerk is quite spicy!). Also super friendly service and nice open window/patio, perfect for a lovely summer evening.

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I've had a beer braised seitan dish and the Korean BBQ mock duck tacos. They were both absolutely incredible and extremely flavorful!

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Their vegan items are well marked, and the service was excellent. The ambiance was down-to-earth. The dish I (General Tso's Broccolini) was ok, but not fantastic. I'd go there again and try another dish.

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Muddy Waters moved just down the street in 2011 to 2933 Lyndale Ave So. They have a comfortable interior and an adjacent patio with plenty of outdoor seating during the summer months. I have eaten there twice: once for breakfast and once for dinner. For my breakfast meal, I had a waffle with blueberry topping. It was OK--but nothing to write home about. For dinner, I ordered the mock duck sliders and proceeded to have the worst vegetarian meal I have ever had at a restaurant. Completely and utterly tasteless, I couldn't even stand to finish it, despite asking the waitress to bring hot sauce. I give this restaurant a "fair" rating because they do have a number of other vegetarian options I haven't tried yet. Also, when the waitress noticed I wasn't eating my meal, she did at least bring my a free dessert. Good service, good atmosphere, but I cannot recommend the vegetarian food.

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I rarely went to Muddy Waters before, mostly because they never had any food, and I wasn't impressed with their drinks (mediocre tea selection and a passable chai mixture). Now that they added some food, I have to admit that they're worth a second look.

The only vegan thing on their menu is a hummus sandwich, but it was a great sandwich---warm, soft bread and fresh vegetables. I wasn't expecting something of that quality at a punk rock coffee shop at midnight.

The service is friendly and the interior is nicely decorated with a retro-grunge feel. I like the roomy and comfortable counter area. They also have some retro video games.

The outdoor seating is usually populated by edgy, artsy punker types who, sadly, are always smoking. This makes it uncomfortable to sit outside, for me anyway. It's a shame, because this is prime territory for people watching.

If Muddy Waters added a couple more vegan options (how about a tempeh or tofu sandwich?) and some vegan pastries (Caffetto only one block up has vegan desserts, so why can't Muddy Waters?), this would be a prime contender for best neighborhood cafe. Right now, it's just falling short.

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